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Junchen Deng

PhD Student


2020.10 – Current: Ph.D. in the faculty of biology, Jagiellonian University, Poland
2018.09 – 2020.06: M.Sc. in biology, with specialization in animal ecology, Lund University, Sweden
2014.09 – 2018.06: B.Sc. in biological science, Beijing Normal University, China

I have a broad interest in evolutionary processes that explain the diverse phenotypes in nature. During my bachelor’s research, I first did a small project on how avian blood parasite is affected by the nesting behavior of a passerine. I then did my bachelor’s thesis in plant science, focusing on the evolution of life history and mating system in a domestic plant, and how the evolution affects floral traits.

After I finished my bachelor’s study, I came to Lund University to extend my knowledge and understanding in the field of evolution. I did my master’s thesis on the biogeography of the common symbiotic bacteria, Wolbachia, in the blue-tailed damselfly, Ischnura elegans. This research experience leads me into the field of symbiosis in insects and drives me to pursue my PhD in this field. Currently, I am working as a PhD student in the symbiosis evolution group with Piotr. My work focuses on investigating symbiosis in several major groups of sap-feeding insects, especially in Auchenorrhyncha (e.g. cicadas, planthoppers), with the help of broad sampling and next generation sequencing (NGS) platform. By generating large amount of genomic data, I also aim to reconstruct the evolutionary history of various symbiosis events and uncover the roles of symbiotic bacteria in insect biology and evolution.